I am in love with Life. I think it’s beautiful and it has so much more to it than what we already know. I love happiness because it’s a universal force which physics has never adequately explained. I like randomness because it makes life more interesting, but that this has to be in moderation because duties and responsibilities call for order and predictability. I like being in the middle of the world, meeting different people, engaging in different sorts of conversation. I love my family and friends and trying to make them happy as well. But of course to keep my sanity, I save space for myself, where I could enjoy my own company and muse about life’s beauty.

I am a medical student and little by little this kind of life is proving to me that toxicity and being busy are not excuses to miss life and all its splendor. I am an aspiring doctor, but and I also yearn for some creative work. I know these two will eventually be realized, and it’s just a matter of time.

I love the basic elements of learning: to read, to write, to talk, and to listen. I love the whole spectrum of colors, in its subtlety and boldness, in its opacity and transparency. I like still photos and their play of shadow and light.

I could go on and on, blabbering about the things I love. Simply put, I am in love.


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