She Fought

The doctor explained about the poor prognosis of her father. She said he’s dying and there’s nothing they can do anymore. The doctor explained why it’s impossible to survive her father’s situation, that the heart is still beating but the brain is already dead. She decided they will continue with the resuscitation.

“What are you expecting from all this resuscitation?” the doctor asked.

“To get him back to life.” She answered as if she did not understand a thing from her long explanation of his prognosis. “Resuscitate for as long as you can, please,” is what she last said.

And every time they did so, the heart would beat again for a few minutes and then return to death. The few minutes of life and death and in between, was probably the longest 21 minutes of her life. She hoped that a miracle would strike her father and turn him back to life, where he could talk, and laugh, and maybe even get angry, just to see him alive. 

Alas, it ended with a quiet sigh from the family. The mournful atmosphere could not be denied. It was 7:30 in the morning.


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