Good, Better, Best


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The battle between good and bad is not as difficult as the battle between better and best. Because more often than not, our satisfaction stops at good, and we slow down to getting better, that makes it almost next to impossible to be the best. One word: mediocrity. 

The choice between easy-going and challenge is and will always be an, well, easy choice. Because no one wants the challenge. At the end of the day, we feel satisfied with ourselves, feeling we’ve worked so hard to get to the success that we aimed for, only to find out it wasn’t the success we’re looking for in life. Only to realise we have failed ourselves all this time. We realise that what we were doing was nothing but gliding through the surface of the ice, never really seeing what we really ought to pursue beneath the ice.

Oh, it scares us, to realise that we’ve been running in the wrong race. But it also scares us to find out what it takes to get to the right race. To graduate with honours, but not to learn. To pursue a degree, but not to make an impact. To not hurt anybody, but neither do any good. Of course it’s not a fork in the road, but a pyramid we must realise that we’re only touching the tip but never getting to the base where it matters.


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