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Doubting myself comes once in a while, especially when I start to compare myself with external factors such as others and a particular system I want to be part of. But I also realized that when I start to doubt myself, I lose the chance of enjoying what I’m doing, which is learning.

The thing about learning is that, it is sometimes derived from failures. And I have to remind myself that these failures are no reason to doubt my dreams, but should be reason to push myself more, because these failures are marks of hard learning that no success in life could ever teach me. Then I go back to enjoy the fact that I’m learning.

I learned to learn from my failures. And that’s one big feat in itself. Somehow, I have stopped fearing failure, and started trusting that nothing else could ever go wrong if I sincerely work hard.

Self-doubt clouds our truest potential, and we somehow stop working hard to realize that potential when we lose sight of it.


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