Unearthing Treasures

Some writing I did in my past life:

The Beautiful Tomorrow

If it’ll ever be the same, I’d rather not have it. Let’s just keep it at that.

When I see you, your stare pierces through my misty eyes, and you smile and glance away as if you’ve caught something you don’t wish to share. And I understand perfectly how much of everything you’re trying to hide, and how much nothingness there is to show. With your perfect eyes and perfect smile this heart has found a place where nothing will ever be the same, not in quite the same way.

The beautiful tomorrow glances back to today, the beautiful yesterday looks forward to coming back, but moves on… and moves on to what today promised and to what tomorrow hides from today. 

— and then another one—

And It All Made Sense 

Silence embraced me through the night / as I tossed and turned / thinking how I’d get through the night this way.

Through the days that went by / as we tread along our separate paths / I’ve seen so much / and realized so much / There is no longer a glimpse of certainty

… But certainty in its certainty. / I am here… and always will be / I am here to stay… / to share more happy moments with you / to endure more trials with you / am here with certainty / but more than that / with so much faith in us.

It dawned upon me / as if i knew it all along / tears fell from my eyes / because of happiness and disbelief / it was with me all this time…

There is happiness / Behind the certainty of being able to love you / there is happiness / behind the certainty that you are there. / There is happiness / in the love we share

I won’t always be this in love / but I’m certain enough that I will hold on / certain that there is happiness / behind every grief and pain / to hold on to the truth / that I love you, and will always love you. (09/21/07)


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