A Quaint Source of Light

Photo source

Sometimes all we need is a quaint source of light to turn a mundane occasion into a sweet moment.

That’s what creativity does. It expands our imagination and explores the little things unnoticed to create what used to be unthinkable. I have always thought creativity to be my pivotal life principle. That in all aspects of my life, there has to be one bit of creativity — nothing loud, but just a well-thought out simplicity and beauty, and everything will turn out to be as planned.

My God who is not just an artist, but the creator, would want me to be creative. So that in times of despair, I can work my way out. So that in times of anger, I can make life simpler. In that way, life won’t have to be bitter and sad, nor should it be boring. Around me are these little pieces I have to put together to make it more meaningful and beautiful.


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