A Blot of Inspiration


I have long imagined what my alternate life would be. In that life, creative ideas flow and there’s no way of stopping myself from creating anything and everything artistic. In that life, I travel to different places to gain inspiration. In that life, I am ever inspired to create, to craft, to capture. In that life, writing never ceases, and everything is documented, experienced and shared in the most creative manner.

And yet, like writers who have their writer’s block, artists lose inspiration, I, on the other hand, have experienced my black hole. It feels like an eternity to get out of that hole. I have not written for a month, and my creativity was limited to writing on my planner with different colored pens.

I could not go beyond the blot of inspiration I get. But it’s a challenge I am now willing to accept. To stretch that inspiration and make it beyond that blot, where I am not the only person inspired but other people as well.

There is much to learn on living art. To create not just for one’s own satisfaction, but to make ripples that would hopefully touch other people.


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