Of Lists and Procrastination

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The lack of blog entries for the past days is not due to my hectic schedule but simply of procrastination. I’ve been putting off my blog entries for days, and tonight, out of all the nights I choose to make one, I choose the night before an exam.

On the bright side, my productivity has been put to other things like work, little errands, and OC-ness. Let’s see, what have I been productive with the past days.

1. Monthly and daily expenses monitoring (excel)? Check!

2. Online banking and payment of bills? Check!

3. Laundry? Check!

4. Study? Check!

5. Videoke? Check!

6. Movie? Check!

7. List for the day? Check!

I love making lists. It makes life for me easy, achievable and fulfilling. However, loving it too much can be counterproductive. From experience, I get the hang of making lists and I end up spending the whole night making lists for the next day. Grocery list, Songs to sing in videoke list, errands list, school work list — these things to do just have to be put to their category and listed.

On another bright side, I’ve been using my planner a lot. I remember mentioning in one of my previous blog entries that my resolution for the year 2011 is the use of my planner. Little did I know that simple resolution can effect a lot of good things in my life. Order, indeed, is the most basic of all virtues. 🙂

Lastly, I consider this entry a feat. I’m sure you understand what it feels like to get over procrastination. That’s exactly how it feels right now. I guess from now on, I better put blogging on my list once in a while.

Hello, blog!


2 thoughts on “Of Lists and Procrastination

  1. Love that you did this on the night before exam. I know the feeling; a bit a nervousness to even study for the exam, let alone the exam itself. Sometimes the brain needs timeline pressure to concentrate. Hope exam went well for you. 🙂

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