Don’t Go Jaded

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I’ve been posting entries that will help keep myself from giving in to becoming serious and lifeless. Because lately, I’ve been dealing with legal consequences of my dad’s death. And right now, I’m just getting all burned out.

Tax, insurance, survivorship, etc. — I don’t understand so much but I’m compelled to understand them. I try to dive into the details of this complex requirements and policies, but my simple mind can only do so much. Where are all the good and learned adults when you need them? Truth is, I’m starting to feel jaded with all these.

Oh, life, where art thou? If you can tell me that these delicate flowers can thrive in harsh environment, that will encourage me that my struggles will not go futile. If you can tell me that tomorrow can rise to be as beautiful as these flowers have bloomed, that will give me strength for another day’s battle. If you can tell me that as much as we’ve been experiencing other people’s greed and indifference, there are more people worthy of respect and honor, that should keep me from being  entirely jaded.

Live, learn and love — I thought life was simple enough, until money, tax, and death came to the picture.

Later on, I’ll think about my dreams, and that should keep me a good distance away from glum.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Go Jaded

  1. Hang in there, Karen. Everything comes for a good reason, keep your cheerful and positive outlook in spite of the negativity around you. Many families self-destruct over money unfortunately. Do the right thing but remain above the muck, like the lotus and the water lily, remember. It is okay to feel jaded because in this too there are important life lessons. Even as you do these mundane things, just keep moving towards love, peace, and light.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Yeah, good to be reminded about that lotus. I feel disappointed with myself sometimes when it seems i cant keep things together better. but thank you for sharing some good words there 🙂

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