Life’s Bridges

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There was a peasant who knew nothing in life but to build bridges for different towns. One day, he ended up in a beautiful town, and thought maybe this could be the last town he will build a bridge for. So he went up to the town’s mayor, and discussed the possibility of building the best bridge among all the towns in the nation. The mayor agreed, and thought this would be the best opportunity for him to make a good name in the whole nation.

But the mayor had so much greed in his heart. He thought of using cheap but unreliable materials. He hired so many people to work for him but with salary less than they deserved. Our bridge man was getting frustrated at the expense of this bridge, and thought that his last bridge would be the most he will be proud of. He went up to the mayor, but he was more than denied of his concerns — he was sent away and in exile.

Our bridge man ended up in a dry land with nothing but stones of different shapes and sizes. On the first few days, he encountered rocks that were big enough it would be difficult to jump over, so he went around these rocks just to get pass them. Days later, the rocks were only getting bigger and closer to each other that there was no choice but to climb over them. He hasn’t reached very far yet when he thought of building a bridge out of the boulders in the land. So he did. He made it simple, sturdy, and high enough that he could see the other side of the country. On the last stretch of his build on an early afternoon, the sky was starting to be covered with dark clouds. He thought to himself, “after I have just overcome the big boulders in this land, a big storm comes to ruin my life.” Rain started to pour, harder and harder until there was a big  flood all over the land. All the nomads of the land, went to the bridge, and this bridge saved their lives. And when the storm subsided, through the big beautiful bridge, they all went to see the other side of the country.

And the mayor? He had a falling bridge.

I learned that in life, all I really need are tools to make my own bridge. My obstacles are the very foundation of my bridge, with wisdom and creativity to make it sturdy and beautiful. Let bridges be the legacy of my life — for it marks how many people I’ve become close with, how many obstacles I have overcome, how many ends I was able to meet.

I think I’ve wished enough on stars already, it’s time to build bridges to reach my dreams.


2 thoughts on “Life’s Bridges

  1. Hi Karen. Na-Eureka mo pala yung blog ko. Kakastart ko lang e kaya di ko gamay, di ko nga alam pano maghanap ng kakilala haha. Thanks to your comments. Three rules, yet there are no rules. Hehe. If nabasa mo yung first post ko, andun ka, thanks, basahin mo na lang kung bakit. Hehe.

    1. oh no nawala yung blog entries mo. nagbago ang layout at nawala ang entries. hindi ko pa nababasa yung una. :s sana bumalik. hehe!

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