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I live in a happy bubble. This has always gotten me through a lot of troubles and worries. This happy bubble gets bigger and bigger as I see a lot of beautiful things and crafty ideas online. When I meet with old friends, this bubble becomes shinier and I see a rainbow on the reflected light. When I come up with a new design, either for a poster, header or my planner, this bubble changes in multiple other colors. When I see a beautiful scenery, with my own eyes or through another person’s photo, my bubble becomes crystal clear. My eyes glimmer in glee because of all these beautiful things, places and people in the world.

I live in a third-world country, where the cost of living has no way but up and the people’s salary rises almost like never. I walk by the streets at night and sometimes see people sleeping and spaced about 2 meters apart. When I’m inside the car, and stuck in the traffic, little children come over, their hands stretched out begging. I don’t know how else to describe the poverty I see in the country I live in. But as far as my memory serves me, there has always been poverty. They, too, have their own happy bubble, like food in their hand or at least a meal in a day. Their happy bubble would be the basics we already have, but are probably luxury to them.

These are my realities. It’s not easy to reconcile them, but in some way, a sense of awareness leads to bridging the gap.  Sometimes I just need a reminder like this post to keep me from being naive or oblivious of the sordid reality around me. But here’s a happy thought, there are a lot of blessed and happy people despite their poor living condition. And another happy thought, there’s always a way to be of help to them — whether with time, kindness or if you’re affluent enough, money. Creativity knows no limits, even in extending a hand to them. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Realities

  1. wonderfully written dear 🙂
    creative and with such depth and substance. really like your writing style 🙂

  2. Beautiful post. By acknowledging the realities of life, we can then proceed to do something about it, instead of taking life for granted and thus ignoring them.
    You wrote that “…there are a lot of blessed and happy people despite their poor living condition”; this is my experience also with poverty. They are very rich in spirit, even though poor in material goods. Like your post says, of course, we can and should still do something to uplift them materially. While we help them materially, they teach us too that happiness is not a condition of physical condition, but a condition of the mind and the soul.

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