Alternate World

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I have once thought about my alternate world. In that world, not everything is colorful, but everything looked beautiful together. Not everyone is happy, but everyone’s hopeful. Not everyone has a degree, but there is accessible education. Not everyone is affluent, but everyone is giving. Not everyone has a high-paying job, but everyone is hardworking. Not all students are smart, but everyone is diligent. People think differently, opinionated, and would argue, but there is mutual respect and understanding. In my alternate world, no one is perfect, but everyone desired good, and this radiated beauty. There are many different beliefs, but all believed and practiced only what’s Love.

My alternate world’s not too far from reality… either that, or I’m just really hopeful.


One thought on “Alternate World

  1. That is so cute and so beautiful. You can almost create your alternate world by choosing the inner circle of people you surround yourself with, and they can have all these qualities.

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