To Compromise

Photo source

The picture above is true, not unless we learn to give way and compromise sometimes. I think any relationship calls for at least some sense of giving one’s self. Not to compromise the important good things we hold dear in life, but to sacrifice a little of our comfort and pleasures for that person we care for. To choose to be in discomfort, because we know that person would appreciate what we’re doing. To choose to give up something we wanted so bad, because love calls to give.

Yes, I think it’s sad to be so similar with another person and yet could never come to a meeting point, because we refuse to yield, and we refuse to give. And still, it’s sad to meet at a certain point, only to find ourselves drifting apart in the long run, because we failed to take care of the relationship.


Holy week has started for us Christians. After Christmas has gone, we are again in another season of giving. Less of commercialism, we’re given greater opportunity to reflect on the spirit of sacrifice, service and giving. There’s not much cheery songs in the atmosphere nor colorful gift wrappers, but just the same, I’m wishing we could all spend this week in good reflection, and the weeks after with our hearts at peace.


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