It’s Good to be Outside

karen m. montevirgen

As I was watching Alric play frisbee with his batch mates early afternoon until dusk, I had the luxury of seeing the sky change from clear to opening the night sky. It’s not every day that I get to appreciate such, because either 1. I’m busy, or 2. I’m spending my whole day online and indoors.

First learning to spending a good summer vacation: It’s good to be outside. Sometimes, when I go online and see a lot of interesting things, I find no reason to go out anymore. Especially with the advent of downloading TV series, there’s just too many reason to stay home. But going out today was a good break from school and from the internet. So indeed, it’s just not exploring enough if I just surf around the net. I have to be outside and experience the weather, the people and whatever nature has in store for me.

The sky was simple, but really lovely. The moon appeared a little early and it was just a faint outline amidst the bright sky. Hours after, it wasn’t as shy anymore. It shined like it owned the sky. No stars yet, just the moon in the sky.

It’s good to be outside 🙂


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