Water Lily

alric v. mondragon

She survived the hurdles of life, in fact she thrives in a world most would detest. And yet none of these stopped her from blooming in beauty and bringing color to a lifeless pond.


4 thoughts on “Water Lily

  1. What you wrote is exactly the sentiment of the Indians and the Hindus, and therefore the lotus (close relative of the water lily) is considered very sacred and holy in India and in Hinduism.

    1. Really? I didn’t know that! But i’ve always been fascinated by such kinds of flowers… 🙂 I think their life is a paradox to their beauty.

  2. Yeah, the lotus is symbolically everywhere in India and Hinduism. One of the significance is that just as the lotus is surrounded by dirt and muck in a pond, yet it disregards the muck, and instead blooms and spreads its beauty upon its surroundings, so too must we disregard the wrongs and the errors around us and instead blossom forth our good traits and characters.

    1. I love it! makes me more interested to go to India! i’ve been wanting to. When i get the time and money to do that, I’ll definitely go. 😀 i always thought they have such a beautiful and colorful culture in india. 🙂

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