Above All


Above all, there’s love.

Days don’t always go well for us. At times it’s sunny, at other times it’s odd. At times we walk side by side with our friends, at times we choose to be alone. There are days we’re eager with what we’re doing, and some days we just want to get it done and over with. Everyday is simply different from yesterday and from tomorrow.

We may be so stable and fine one day, but the next we’re vulnerable. We could try to keep ourselves constant in reaction, but some people might just react differently to us one fine morning. At one point, we may feel glad to understand another person, and the next this person might simply misunderstand us. Life has always these little surprises for us, and they’re not always pleasant as we may know.

Different days go by, different emotions take in place, but in the end, if we simply love, days just keep getting better. We straighten up what’s wrong, iron out the crease, drown our negative emotions with optimism and understanding… at the end of the day we realize, the day’s never too short to make up for the lost happy minutes.


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