Happy Days.


A good friend of mine, who never seems to run out of reason to smile, told me sometimes it could really take a lot of effort to keep a happy disposition in life. I wondered, because it seemed impossible for her to be unhappy. She told me she keeps a treasury of memories of her childhood, and these put a little smile on her face that would eventually take her out of her sullen state.

I tried what she said. In those sullen days that I’ve previously mentioned, I remembered being in my Lolo’s house in our province. My brothers got ahead of me in our favorite swing, and I was left with nothing to play with. My dad was a tall man, or at least from my perspective then. He was talking to my Lolo. And since I had nothing to do, I held on to his hand, lifted both my feet from the ground, and tried to swing back and forth. I had a good share of swinging that day, only to hit my dad badly at his center, and I got scolded. That was the end of my swinging. Happy days. 🙂

How about a quick swing to our childhood? Look for your little heart, then keep it to stay hopeful and happy.


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