Beautiful Inside


I’ll be honest. I’ve been  preoccupied by things of vanity the past days. They say it’s a given weakness of women. And I tell you, it was pretty pathetic to feel that about myself. Sometimes, I think these hormones are just horrible. They make me feel bloated, ugly, and just plain insecure about my body.

And because I felt pathetic about myself, I tried to rationalize things. I wanted to understand myself, and the idea of beauty so that I could come in peaceful terms with my hormones that were going in wild conspiracy about making me feel ugly.

This is what I realized, the more we look at ourselves inwardly, the more that we understand true beauty. That there’s something inside us that no hormone could alter in appearance. Then I thought of an exercise for myself. I thought, maybe, rather than selfishly and vainly looking at myself, I’d look at other people, and see how these people come out to be beautiful. And then I also thought of a challenge. The challenge was to understand the people I least liked, and see how they, too, are actually beautiful inside. After that activity and challenge I had, I began to believe everyone is actually made to be beautiful, it’s only a matter of allowing it to happen.

To see the beauty in each person we meet — it’s a lot like looking through a keleidoscope, where everything is beautiful, cheery and colorful.


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