If you’re happy and you know it slap your friends… with more happiness.

On my birthday, I wish for happiness. I’ve written a lot about happiness in the past, to an extent that my whole blog seem like a daily input on love and happiness. As I have also been writing about demanding for happiness, I think it’s already glaring that there’s nothing really that I want for my birthday, except happiness. I hope to be truly happy on my birthday, to the point of not knowing what to do with it except to share and slap others with the same happiness.

The speaker from the talk I’ve attended yesterday said, happiness is a social factor. That no one can ever, by himself, be happy. The need for others, family, friends and/or a life partner has always been there decades and centuries ago. But even so, I add, the art to make others happy is still not a common sense, because we’re almost always limited to our primitive need of making ourselves happy. I think, even as they say the world is growing in population, it doesn’t mean the world is becoming less lonely. Thus, I thought, maybe that’s what I wish to learn on my 23rd year of life — the art of making others happy.

Let’s make the world less lonely one day at a time. 🙂


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