February 14, 2011


Today, I was partly dreamy and partly awake. This picture in particular has gotten me drifting away in thought. I’m veering away from reality for a few minutes, to dream about a day that I could hopefully enjoy an atmosphere such as this — beautiful, peaceful and romantic.

I’m happy about today. I didn’t have a valentine’s day today, but i had it special anyway. Today was beautiful, peaceful and romantic. With all its ordinariness, I experienced Love, spiritually and humanly speaking. Having heard mass, I guess this day was put to a better perspective for me — realizing that if I’d have to celebrate love today, why not celebrate it with Love himself. On the other hand, Alric was busy, but he was still very thoughtful like any nonbusy day. Some of my friends were particularly more expressive today than usual. I also saw my mom and my brother tonight. Today felt so ordinary and normal, and that makes me oddly happy already.

Somehow, I wished people were more consistent in expressing this love, but in a less cynical and less manic manner.


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