Hail a Cab


I’m sure at one point or another you’ve attempted to hail a cab only to lose your chance to another passenger who just came but happened to be a few meters ahead of you. It gets worse if you’ve already waited for so long. Even worse when you were given the false hope of an empty cab stopping for you but denies you of its service. Much worse, is all of these happening countless times in one night, leaving you with no ride going home.

I think, only an insanely optimistic person would not get frustrated with such situation.

Not everything that comes our way is of our choice. I think any student who has failed an exam would have known that pretty well by now. I think any person left by a loved one for career purposes or the inevitable death would have known that very well by now. So it’s true. That while we choose the path we take, there are little surprises that come our way that may or may not be pleasing to us. These unpleasant surprises get us frustrated, furious, and sometimes depressed. And we fall into our more immediate reactions which at one point may not be mature.

The good news is these unpleasant circumstances are not forever. And maybe, just a few finger taps away, the more pleasant surprise is bound your way.


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