I used to collect postage stamps. I thought they were the best way of going around the world because they belonged to real letters written and sent over seas and different countries. Until I grew out of it, and half of my collection was sold to someone from another country whom I’ve never met. I used to collect letters I got from my classmates since way back in grade school, until I also decided to throw them away because I thought I’d have to grow out of them and that I couldn’t bring them with me if I soon have my own family. I used to collect bookmarks. I’d choose among a lot of ordinary bookmarks, and somehow I’d come across those that are neat and peculiar and worth keeping in my collection.

I used to have all these collections, until I grew out of them. One day, I decided I will not be attached to so many things. I thought, if I want to value the more important things, material or not, I would have to narrow them down to the really more important stuff. That way, I could keep track of them, and I would be more particular with them.

I am usually forgetful, but this task of foregoing what has become trivial to me, led me to be more mindful of the things and people that have become important to me. I guess it’s no longer proper to call them collections. I realized, the really important things and people we hold dear to us will never be part of a collection as if they were our possession. They become our treasure, one that’s worth keeping and sharing.


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