Travel through People’s Eyes


I’ve had several thoughts on travel lately. My brother’s friend from Singapore just came to the Philippines yesterday. It’s their first time in the Philippines, and it’s interesting to see a perspective of someone of who’s never been to a country I’ve been so used to. We would remind them of safety measures when they’re in public places of the country. While it’s been a second nature to me to be mindful of my belongings, to them it’s an extra safety measure because they’re not used to such environment. Seeing from their point of view, the country seems to be a dangerous place to go to.

They’ll be going to Palawan, and with that, I hope they get to have a different impression of the country and be able to discover the pearls of the country. But then, we were all reminded of the abduction that took place in Palawan 10 years ago. *poof*

I’ve been travelling lately, only I’ve never left the country, never booked an airline flight. I’ve been looking at other people’s travel pictures, and it’s just amazing and inspiring to really see these places for myself. As I look at these pictures, I imagine myself to be in that picture, or imagine how the rest of the place looks like outside the frame. The beautiful sceneries, the interesting culture in color and taste, the different lifestyles are just a few of what I hope to experience when I get to travel again.

When was the last time you’ve been to a new place?


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