Mad Skills

Some people are creative, some are skilled, some have good talent, and some are just crazy-madly creative and skilled like this man, Dalton Ghetti. He carves on the tip of pencils, and words just fall short to describe what he does. Look!


what talent. 🙂 I remember my conversation with a friend, and we talked about talents, skills and expertise. He shared with me a mathematical approach to knowing at what age you’ll be expert over something you do as a habit. We mused over what I’m particularly good at… to which I couldn’t put my finger on. And he said, maybe I’m good with soft skills like making other people happy? haha! I guess any good friend would say that to make someone feel better. Soft skills such as that don’t really make it good with evidences such as the picture above, or rather, soft skills like that don’t need evidences at all, but a good feedback from the person made happy is more than enough.

Mad skills. What are you madly skilled with? 🙂


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