I think life will always give us instances that will require us to stretch ourselves. It’s a sign of growth if we are able to carry ourselves out of adversities renewed and strengthened. We don’t want to be like a wilting Christmas tree in the middle of nowhere and out of season. In as much as it carries a lot of symbolisms when it’s Christmas, taken from a different perspective, it has never grounded itself, and has never found the opportunity to grow because it is only brought out when it’s yuletide season. We are not indoor plants that, though it goes with any season, its minimal need for water and sunlight has only stunted its growth. We can never grow without the essentials. But we could always be as pliant as a bamboo tree. It does not boast of strength in appearance, but it can surpass great typhoons and angry weather. It bends with the wind not in weak conformity but in good resilience, without ever getting uprooted. And like a bamboo tree that grows in number, we find strength in the company of our family and friends.

We grow not to boast of our size and strength, but to give something to the environment — to let others breathe with the good air we provide.



Countdown: 16 days to go


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