My First Overnight Hike

At long last, the moment has come that I’ll be able to cross this out from my bucket list, to do an overnight hike.

It seemed like a long drive from the city to the hike proper, but I know it only took us 4 hours. I’m not so used to such travels anymore, since I haven’t been out of the city for a long while now. It was a good break. I was kind of looking forward to enjoying the scenic views along the way, but I was just too tired. I was so tired,  I slept throughout the ride. I had no body conditioning for this hike. The past days had been spent studying, and was mostly in my sedentary life as a student in class. But this hike just couldn’t wait any longer.

So we reached the hike proper, and I was very excited. I was excited more with the fact that I’m finally hiking again, and the beautiful view on top would only come as an additional surprise to the experience. It was rather an easy trek. I did not feel as tired as I thought I’d be. Maybe it helped that I really enjoyed the company I was with, add to the fact that I had such high adrenaline because I’ve been waiting so long for this to happen.

Finally, we reached the camp site and i was already awed with the beautiful view. Every trivial thing we did there seemed like a highlight to me, simply because we were on top of a mountain. We played games and laughed a lot. Dinner was a highlight too because of the exchange of ideas we had about life in general. When everyone was too tired to laugh and be loud, we each turned to our quietude and just enjoyed the place.

It was a very different experience for me to end my day on top of a mountain. There is no excuse to miss the quickly changing color of the sky. That night, the sky was my ceiling, and the stars that were beyond my reach was just how I imagined they would look like.

We woke up very early for the last leg of the hike, which is to reach the peak of the mountain and to witness the rising of the sun. The experience is beyond words, and no sunrise photo could come close to the experience of seeing it for myself, with the earthy scent of the morning breeze. How can I ever ever forget this experience?

If only this narration were true. If only this really happened. If only I really find the chance to be able to hike and camp on top of a mountain. Someday. 🙂 This topic was suggested by my friend who has been organizing hikes and camping, to any of which I was never able to say yes to. Thank you, Carlo. This entry just inspired me to want and hope for the experience of an overnight hike.


4 thoughts on “My First Overnight Hike

  1. Seems to me like you’re describing a climb to Pulag via Ambangeg. This is great. I love how different this is from what a guy would’ve written about the same topic. I’m sure he would focus more on the terrain, the food that they ate, the customs of the locals, etc. This one’s more introspective.

  2. I thought it was real Karen. Good job! I just hope you get to do the real thing, someday. =) “That night, the sky was my ceiling, and the stars that were beyond my reach was just how I imagined they would look like.” Well-said. =)

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