Au Contraire


You run for the ball, without taking your eyes away from it. You thought you had it, but you were a foot away from the right target. You just missed the ball. There are days when you thought you’ve got everything at hand, only to realize with the help of someone else’s criticism that it’s still not enough.

Exhaustion. Challenged. This week has only proven to be a challenging week for me. I wanted to write about how the past days have been very tiring, but when I came across the word challenge in my head, it just sounded better. Somehow the past days didn’t seem too tiring anymore, but really challenging.

Encountering the word challenge… has challenged me not to  embrace tiredness, but to get out of it renewed and motivated. The fight is not yet over, and there is no reason to fall defeated.

Eyes on the ball, run with stable grounding, but never rely on yourself alone, always have a friend. A second perspective is needed to know if you’re near or far from the ball’s target.


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