The Bitter Pill

When I was younger, I hated taking medicines. My dad would have these sample vitamins, and he would have us take these. But if he’s not around, I never bothered taking it. I remember asking him to buy me Flintstones vitamins, because that was cool then, and it tasted a whole lot better than his regular, boring, bitter, vitamins. But he would insist, out of value for money, that I take those that he would give.

I’m currently taking this medicine, because I’ve been hit by a bad bug that got me coughing for how many weeks now. It’s big, it’s bitter, and it has an after taste that lasts for hours, even with flushing of fluids. It’s a slap to my face that I have to take this medicine, but sometimes there’s just too little choice if I really want to get better.

The bitter pill. It’s an old wisdom for most of us, that life gives us bitter pills in order for us to be better. They come in different taste and sizes, but even so, we can’t just choose any other pill according to our liking. More often than not, we are left with no choice but taking the pill that we least like.


5 thoughts on “The Bitter Pill

  1. I hate taking big nasty tasting pills too. Unless it has to be taken on an empty stomach, I will share with you my technique to avoid tasting them, which works very well indeed. It’s a bit cacky sounding, but it’s way better than yucky aftertastes. I chew up a mouthful of food, then insert the pill into the middle of the food ball, make sure it is completely enclosed in food, then swallow. Generally the taste buds that cause the manky aftertaste are at the back of the mouth, so it’s those which need to be avoided.

    Sorry if that grossed anyone out! It sounds worse than it is and does depend how neat an eater you are, but I have been doing it like that for years without making mess! Hope it helps 🙂

    1. hahah you know what, i tried learning that when I was younger. Because that’s how my dad take his pills, but i just can’t do it. I was never able to learn that, the pill ends up taking longer time in my mouth, and I end up eating more just to take in the pill. haha! but true, it really depends how neat-eater you are.

  2. Oh no! You’re coughing, too? I’ve been coughing for three weeks now. But I’m cleared from TB, so it’s all cool.

    Get well, K!

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