Tall Order of Love


Have you ever thought about your capacity to love? How much do you think can you really love? This thought was provoked by the daily message that I get from opusdei.org. It talked about the capacity of the human heart to love, and how we will never ever love enough. The heart is meant to expand, such that, when it loves, it will only continue to expand in order to love more. When I think it that way, it’s as if we, humans, could exceed our natural limitation to love.

To love beyond comfort, and to be truly generous. To go beyond indifference over the people we barely cared about. To think more charitably for those who seem to not like us and for those we hardly like. These all seem to be new resolutions for the year, but in essence, these are just reminders of what we are truly capable of doing, and a discovery of how much we could actually love.

It’s a tall order of love.


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