Nunc Coepi


Still in relation to new year’s resolution, it’s good to be reminded: start staying “I will”. It’s a matter of waking up from a dream, and living a decision. Our indecision will only bring us to our mediocrity. It’s a seemingly safe and comfortable pace, but we’re not really getting anywhere by being dreamy and indecisive. We, rational beings, have been given that intrinsic gift to be able to discern and to decide. To dream is to spur us to do something, but to decide is to achieve this dream.

Nunc coepi! That’s a latin phrase that St. Josemaria has given a divine meaning to. “Nunc coepi! — now I begin! This is the cry of a soul in love which, at every moment, whether it has been faithful or lacking in generosity, renews its desire to serve — to love! — our God with a wholehearted loyalty.” (Furrow, #161) Everyday is a new beginning, a beginning ever more frequent than the beginning of the year. Every morning becomes  a wonderful opportunity to be able to wake up, and say, nunc coepi — always with a light of hope.


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