Roses are Red


Aren’t these roses lovely? When I saw them, there’s only one thought I had in mind — love. Romantic love, that is.

A friend asked me the other day, and it was really out of the blue. He asked, which is better, a relationship that started out of attraction, or out of friendship? I didn’t think too long, and answered, friendship. After much thought, I think it’s really a play of both factors. You just can’t go on with a relationship without either of the two. If it were merely attraction, then maybe it’s just infatuation. If it were merely friendship, then maybe that’s just it, friendship. Some start out with friendship and grow to be attracted to each other. Some start with attraction and grow to be good friends. Either way, it’s a play of both factors.

Love is beautiful. Sometimes, it finds us off guard, but essentially it’s a decision we make and a decision we live up to. Whatever peculiar way a relationship has started, it doesn’t really matter. What’s important is how it was made to grow and not kept for one’s own.


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