Saving the World Before Bedtime


I loved watching Powerpuff Girls back when I had the time and when it was still in my interest to watch such. I especially liked Blossom because she’s level-headed and she keeps order in the group. They had an interesting mix of personality. Bubbles was the cheery-happy character, Buttercup was more serious and impulsive, whereas Blossom was more directed.

I stumbled upon this picture online, and the line, “Saving the world before bedtime” sparked a particular interest in me. It speaks of heroism, as well as of ordinariness. In our very ordinary lives, our simple actions can already be heroic. It may not be with the special powers these three girls have, but I’m certain each of us is gifted with something we could call our very own. Recognizing this gift, and embracing life’s ordinariness, how have you been heroic today?


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