Better Mistakes


Every start of the year, I always look back and review how the year went. What has gone right, and what has gone wrong, and always ending it with a note of gratitude. A review of the previous year was usually the content of my New Year’s entry. But right now, there’s just a pool of thoughts I could write about: fresh start, new beginning, setting goals and dreams, resolutions and changes. But this time, this new beginning brings me to writing about mistakes.

Better Mistakes – I like that phrase. I think it’s a good balance between optimistic and realistic mentality. It’s a phrase that looks forward and upward without losing our ground that we will always fall and commit mistakes. It speaks of growth and maturity. I guess that pretty much sums up how I view 2011: optimistic, grounded in reality, with a lot of room for growth and maturity.

Like any other normal person, I also aim for success. 2011 is just a step to this success, it’s a step of better mistakes. I once read from somewhere (my forgetfulness has struck me again), “Those who are successful are the ones who are not afraid to fail.” I guess this is why I’m taking better mistakes this 2011 with full courage.


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