A Teaspoon of Thought



Little by little, the Christmas season is closing its curtain, as New Year’s Eve draws closer, and finally our work reality dawns back on us again. Maybe you’ve already had your teaspoon of reflection over the break, as I’ve seen a lot of facebook posts reminding us about the real meaning of Christmas. And, I’d like to add this teaspoon of thought before the season of Christmas quiets down.

Jesus is still looking for shelter, as He had on the day that He was born. He looks for that shelter in our hearts where He could rest and grace us with His love. In truth, He only needs us to free some space for Him in our hearts, that we let go of our worries and again be dependent on Him. He needs our openness to Him, one that may require renunciation and self-sacrifice, but will definitely bring peace and joy to our hearts. He hopes that the fact that He is with us, God Emmanuel, will be able to calm our stormed and roughened hearts. In truth, He only wants us to be genuinely happy and to generously give happiness to other people.

After the joyful noise of this season, may a peaceful joy remain in our hearts for the rest of the year — until we’ll need the season to be reminded of this again.

Merry Christmas! 🙂

DAILY MESSAGE – “Jesus is still looking for shelter”.


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