Photo-walk with the Master

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On a non-eventful day, I thought of having a photo-walk with Alric in school. It was a random idea on a random postduty day for him. I thought, since it’s Christmas week, and he’s practically spending most of his time in the hospital, why not do something different that would take his mind off from work. Hence, the photowalk.

I learned a lot from this photo-walk, and he also learned that I’m not an easy student especially when I’m all giddy and trigger happy with my camera. Photography really makes me happy. Sometimes, I’d rather not take things too seriously and just trigger away with my camera. But he’s always serious with his photography. He takes it seriously and takes it to heart. Which is why I told myself, I will be more serious with photography (when he’s around) and be more giddy when I’m on my own. haha! i’m just kidding.

To Alric: I appreciate all the lessons I get from you. It really amazes me where you get all the creative analogies you share to make me understand photography better. When all this time, I thought photography is all about having an artistic eye, you proved me wrong. Photography isn’t just about instinctive feel, but it requires a lot of thinking, and most of the time, multi-thinking about different aspects. After every lesson I get from you, I always think: “Man, how do you get to keep all these things in mind when you do your photography?” I guess it comes with experience, and through time things become pretty much automatic already.

Thank you, master. I will improve on my work and will make you proud.


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