Hello, World.


So much has happened for the past weeks, and yet not one of them has inspired me to write on this blog. It’s been a long blogging hiatus, and yet today I choose to write about saying hello to the world.

A very general hello to anyone who catches my hello. This is just like passing by a busy street, when you’re on your way to do an errand, and you see a friend so you say hello. But you’re not stopping to hear how she is —maybe on another time, when it’s best to stop and give my full attention.

This entry is just short of saying, this blog continues to exist, and until further notice, it will be updated with whatever nonsensical thoughts the writer has.


2 thoughts on “Hello, World.

  1. hello karen. onga. been checking your blog since the other day ata. haha. at medyo nagtataka ko why wala kang entry these past few days. thank you for sharing some thoughts, i like the way you share it. merry christmass!

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