Dream, Dream


“When I feel blue in the night,
And I need you to hold me tight
Whenever I want you, all I have to do, is
Dream, dream dream dream”

I remember feeling good after watching Riding in Cars with Boys as that song was sung at the end of the movie. But the other day was a different appreciation of the same movie. Somehow, the characters became more meaningful, and their decisions came into a different light. During my first watch, I hated Ray, the junkie father. And I just wanted Beverly (Drew Barrymore) to get out of that place and be successful. But on my last watch, there was an understanding that Ray tried to be a loving father, only that he was immature and irresponsible. While Beverly loved Jason (the son) in her own way, she had an unresolved past which made it difficult for Jason to understand her love. And Beverly’s father, who after finding out Bev’s pregnancy, disowned his own daughter, has never really lost his love for her daughter. Three different characters trying to express their love in different ways — the movie was really more than just teenage pregnancy.


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