To Pope

It’s hard not to say anything about it.

While the rest of the Christian community experience in their own way being one with the Passion of Christ, the Pope himself experiences collective violence from the verbal attacks of both Catholics and non-Catholics.

Why are they doing this? I understand their indignation towards injustice and the lack of morality of sexual abuse. But it’s simply unfathomable to regard you as not concerned about this issue, much more to accuse you of doing a cover-up of these issues, both old and recent. You’re a public figure, but they don’t know you enough, nor our faith. Or maybe, they simply wish to be stubborn about this because creating this issue gives them a sense of righteousness. Indeed, it’s a paradox to have the head figure of the Church tolerate sexual abuse of children by priests. But it’s an overly magnified issue in the most distorted fashion and from the most inappropriate angle. You have been put in a position in which whatever action you take, or words you express will be taken against you, always in different meaning and interpretation. Whether you act in the virtue of prudence, or in the virtue of daringness, you sit at a throne where a lot of people would want to cast the first stone, and everything you do will be taken against you. And yet you never sowed hatred. And yet, forgiveness and understanding is still your foremost defense.

I cannot imagine the hurt you’re going through right now, more so, your unrelenting forgiveness of these attacks. Know that I am with you through prayers.

Your daughter,


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