It’s already been quite a long blogging silence, and today I just want to break that silence. It’s not that I had nothing to say. On the contrary, there were too many things to say, but too little time to filter them. But maybe in summary, the past days have been like a gummy worm, both sweet and sour, takes time to chew, but you never run out of creative ways to eat it.

I’m still chewing as of this moment, trying to digest what has happened these past days, but with all this retrospection and musing, I try not to let myself engulfed with brooding. A couple of good laughs are part of my self-prescribed medication, and so life is only as serious as a little kid takes seriously his handful of gummy worms.

2 thoughts on “Non-Entry

  1. It's a cycle: sometimes, there is nothing you can possibly blog about. And there are these times when there are so many things to say you can't say which ones to say first. Mukhang napakamakulay ng buhay mo ngayon, Karen.

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