I Am Free

There is nothing rigid when you fight for truth. There is nothing rigid when you simply aim for higher love. It is only rigid when it already hampers my or someone else’s freedom. Values and principles are not to be compromised but to be lived freely and cheerfully. And none of these implies rigidity. 
To live by my principles necessitates bias, but never discrimination. To believe in something is a given bias, but it should not stop one from being objective when faced with arguments. These principles are not chosen merely out of whim. Rather, they are lived and fought for because of logical reasons and realizations one arrives at.
To uphold truth and goodness may call for sacrifice and some things to be compromised, but it should never be a cause of imprisonment. To live by these principles may contradict another person’s belief, but this never wants disunity. It simply needs understanding and more importantly, respect.
Respect begets respect.


I am Catholic. And even now that I am not yet a full-fledged doctor, I am willing and ready to give informed choices to patients and other people who will ask me about contraceptives, be it artificial or natural family planning. To live by my principles, should never be in the way of another person’s freedom and right. To be an advocate of life and natural family planning should never necessitate withholding information that is rightfully theirs. If, as I claim, I am fighting for an objective truth, then I would be guilty of hypocrisy if I am to lie before my patients and keep information from them.


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