There is a natural reaction among us that when we think we found treasure, we hold on to it as if we could never let go. This is one way of showing importance to what we have. But this holding on would also mean sacrificing other things we could not hold on to anymore, because our hands are no longer free to take a hold of these other things. This is where the disorder comes in. When our hands have nothing else but this “treasure” we found.

Cliché dictates that when we love something, we must learn to let go. This letting go is not about giving up, but all about detachment. When there is security and order in love and life, there is no need to hold on to it like you fear so much of losing it. There is always a risk of losing it, but a greater risk when we become selfish of it, and it will only be dysfunctional to live in such fear. Detachment is not a sign of lack of love, but a sign of order among things you love so much.


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