I could already feel the summer heat. But I would have to condition myself that I’m still in a school setting and still in my serious study mode. No to summer thoughts yet, so no to these summer disillusions.

Ah, but it would be lovely to think of ways to make a good ending to my first year as a medical student. My first year bucket list.

1. Bring baon for one week, no buying of lunch/merienda in school or outside school.
2. Finish assigned chapters for an exam (I know, I know, this should have been a given already)
3. Take down notes as if you’re the transcriber for every class.
4. Do something random to random people on a random day.
5. Treat someone to an ice cream. 🙂
6. Be able to list down my most significant learnings for this year, both academic and non-academic learning.
7. Go on a videoke. haha

I know some of them sound like resolutions that should be made at the start of the school year, but I don’t think I should wait for June before I start on one of them.


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