Life in a Bottle

ah… It’s beautiful, I tell you — to attempt to live in a perfect world, with simple but selfless worries. You forgo a little of your whim and extravagance, and you become content with the little but sufficient that you have. It’s when you start to worry about the little things to keep up with your daily strife, but you end your day with the same optimism you had when you woke up in the morning. For a brief moment, you get trapped in your useless anxieties, but you get up, because you know there’s no way to move ahead but to get up. And you also know that to fall into discouragement is the greatest defeat you don’t ever have to experience in life. That no matter how seemingly the day’s been wasted, you know that you’ve given that day at the very beginning, and that the whole day’s no longer in your hands but in Him. Everything has already been offered up.

Serviam! Tomorrow will be a new day.


3 thoughts on “Life in a Bottle

  1. nice first wala akong naintindihan.nung second reading,medyo nagegets ko na.hahatitingnan ko kung may time ako for a 3rd reading.hahaha.parang trans lang. 😛

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