To The Beginning

Today marks the official start of my year 2010. I have changed my calendar already, and have started writing on my new planner. The start of the year is always a perfect time to make a macro scale of plans and resolutions. And these are the very things I did over the first few days of the year. Somehow, a rough looking back through the year allowed me to assess myself, see where I did best, and see where I failed most. It also allowed me to see how I changed, and in what points I remained the same.
In my head, I did some asking of how to do better, what to improve on, what to learn, what to change, how to change, and the whole shiz. And even if it seems like I have it all figured out, it’s just not the same when I’m on it already. This is why today marks the official start of my year. Because today I enact one of my resolutions, and today I start to take my resolutions seriously. Yeah, seriously.
Three-hundred sixty-five days to go before the start of the following year. And three-hundred sixty-five days seem like a long time to work on improvement and becoming a better person, but three-hundred sixty-five days is long enough for me to forget my resolutions. Which brings me to my resolution of having daily beginnings, so that I would always be reminded of what I said I’d do. Each day there’s a new resolution, but each day should lead me to my year-round resolution. In a cliché, it’s living one day at a time, with one goal in mind. Daily beginnings… I’m starting to like the sound of it.
If new years are welcomed with a lot of noise the previous night, my daily beginnings would be welcomed with a quiet morning, much like an ordinary day, but quietly making an impact.
Good morning, world!


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