To 2009

Here’s a note of gratitude for everything that’s happened between us. There is definitely so much to be thankful for, a handful of mishaps that I will have to amend, and a whole lot of good memories to turn back to when it’s called for.
It was a year of adjustment from a family loss, to changes in academic atmosphere, to a new lifestyle, to new relationships, and to a sense of independence. My homeostasis was greatly disturbed by being in a different environment, but like the ripples that a stone makes on a body of water, it dissipates eventually.
Like the yellowing of this leaf, you meet your end to give way to year 2010. And like the green portion left on the tip of the leaf, you still linger to wait for your final closure. To the great learnings you have given me, to the trying character-building you’ve put me through, and to the little successes you’ve awarded me with — thank you.

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