To Dad, on Christmas

Hi Dad! Christmas is nearing already, and you know what that means. You used to fear of the expenses made on this season, but not this year. You used to watch us hurry our preparation for Christmas, but maybe not so this year. This is not the first Christmas without you, and I don’t think I can keep on counting the next of it without you. You know I never stopped missing you, it’s just that, Christmas is a perfect excuse to voice out how much I miss you.

Anyway, may this year be as special as the ones we spent together. At the same time, may this year’s Christmas be special in a way that it’s uniquely ours, not just spent on reminiscing, but creating new memories together as a family.

This year’s Christmas will be different because of the whole lot of new people I met, and with the few which I’ll be happy to spend and wish a good Christmas with. And this year will be the first Christmas we’ll spend away from home — new sights, new taste, and a different Christmas breeze. The thought of it excites me already, but more than that, it’s cherishing our being together as a family.

I know, I know. There really is no point trying to make you feel envious of what our Christmas celebration will be. I’m pretty sure yours is grand and utterly joyful. I guess all I want to say is, no matter how much we try spending Christmas differently, you will always take part in it, and you will always keep the family together.

We won’t be home for Christmas… but so will you. I’ll still wait for you, though.

Love you, Dad.

Your daughter,

P.S. I still have a Christmas wishlist to give to you. 🙂


4 thoughts on “To Dad, on Christmas

  1. awwww.grabe.super proud siguro dad mo sayo. 😀 :Dat ang swerte niyo sa isa't-isa.hahahaha.ako na ang nagfeeling na alam ang kwento niyo.hahahabangag na dahil asa mss tambayan pa rin at nakikiliti sa mga proboscis,cacai

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