To Life

Are you still here out of love? Or are you, as well, steered down by love of comfort and greed? People have been seeking you out for their own good. They only think of the material and tangible consequences of their actions, without even considering its moral implications. It’s scary, I tell you. We are slowly redefining both life and killing to their opposing poles. The importance of life is no longer inclined to the thought of giving life, but to get life we want for ourselves. The gravity of killing is desensitized by our so-called “medical concerns” and “women’s rights”, so much so, abortifacient pills are more of protective pills than toxic substances to life.

Man’s greed for pleasure is feeding on a hedonistic society. We want pleasure without responsibility. We have taken out this pleasure out of its good context and time frame, because we want it for ourselves and we want it now. You are lived as if you’re not time-bound anymore. People want everything now, at this instant. Have we already lost the concept of waiting?

Life used to thrive on values and virtues, but now, people are trying to prove we could have you without these virtues and values, such that a campaign arose: “There probably is no God, so stop worrying and enjoy life.”

But not to worry, there are still a number of us ready to fight for you. What you truly are must be revealed, what beauty you possess must be simply lived.


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