To Hello

Hello. I like you, because you’re not proud. You’re a friend to most strangers, and you don’t take a lot of airtime. You’re simple and sweet, but often taken for granted. With your simplicity, you open up a whole lot of possibilities between two people, but it has, as well, led other people to downplay your importance. Imagine how much a simple ‘hello’ from a busy person brightens up the day of the person who has been waiting for it.

You have a short but meaningful period of existence. In some occasions, you’re surprising, but often you’re in your casual and ordinary tone. I like you in whatever circumstance. You’re strong enough to break the silence, but always giving way for other thoughts to flourish. In the beginning, you’re always there. In the end, well, I could choose to still have you. Hello.


P.S. You’re never the same with “goodbye”; except maybe in Hawaii.


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