To Changing Tides

Even people who are afraid of changes are still capable of desiring change. And for one who’s not used to changes, transmogrifier is just the right device. Transmogrifier allows its user to change in shape, while given the choice of making it temporary or permanent.

When to use the transmogrifier:
1 When you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and everything else follows its utter wrongness.
2 When there’s no way to describe the boredom of your routinary life
3 When you’re stuck at an awkward situation and you’re left with a sheepish smile
4 When you’re in the state of utter happiness, and you just want to be in that state permanently.
5 When traffic enforcers are running after you, after you’ve jaywalked
6 When you just hate where you are; it’s a device for a new disguise, as well as a pseudo time machine
7 When you simply want skittles over m&ms — no, not really.
Transmogrifier is that choice to be happy.

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