Ondoy in One Day

It doesn’t feel right not to be able to say anything about it. It was devastating, it was shocking.

The previous night, I was with my mom and my brother when they visited me in Manila. News came from them that a typhoon was coming the next day, Ondoy as they told me. I had my own petty experience of it as I braved the knee-high flood in school just so I could go home. But this is not at all relevant to share.
What the rest of Luzon experienced was far beyond anyone expected of a typhoon, it was something no one could ever be prepared for. Until now, I can’t imagine how a typhoon, in one day, flood Metro Manila that bad. Having heard of news that unlikely places were getting flooded, it was when I started thinking, this typhoon is not just any other typhoon that would bring no classes the following day and it would be a peaceful study day. No, this typhoon was that which flooded the whole Metro Manila, brought houses crashing against a bridge, family members lost, material goods drenched and buried. It was alarming.

Towards the end of the day, I can’t help but cry in my prayers. I was asking Him to make it stop, because it was getting beyond my understanding already.
In one day, people lost their loved ones and their hard-earned goods. Until now, some people could not be contacted, and very certain that their families are dead worried about them. Imagine the trauma it has caused to people stranded on the top floors of a building with nothing to eat. Imagine the fear these people had, not knowing when the raging typhoon would end or be sober. All these damage in one day? I could not help but ask God. Why are you allowing this to happen? Please do something about it. Make it stop.
And though doubt was starting to arise in my thoughts, I knew behind and after all these, we’re still in the good and loving hands of God. He was there, in the little miracles He poured over people. He allowed this to happen? Yes. He created this big opportunity for people to do good.
I could never fully fathom what happened on that day, but the succeeding days are just as crucial as that day. These days that we are not impeded by any rain or flooding, should be extra opportunity for us to help out. As they say, whatever little you’re able to give is already of great help.
Up to this point, I can’t get myself to study for my upcoming exam thinking how many people are still in the middle of their unresolved situations. I can’t get myself to think how endonucleases and exonucleases could be of help to those needing simple water and food. How can DNA polymerase III be able to bring back people’s missing loved ones? How can DNA replication be able to bring back their already crashed houses and goods.

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